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Falconry Services

Three generations of professional falconers provide an unequaled level of expertise and innovation in the fields of Bird Abatement/Environmental Protection, Adventures in Learning, Falconry Adventures, Red Carpet Events and Television/Commercial Productions.

Flock of Pigeon Pest Birds

Bird Abatement

Have issues with pest birds? Any size, any species, any location, California Falconry has the expertise, technology, and team – human, feathered, and furred – to send them on their way without ruffling a feather.

Falconry Educational Classes and Programs

Adventures in Learning

It doesn’t matter if your learning adventure is in-person or virtual, it will be unforgettable. The team at California Falconry, human and avian, infuses excitement into education.

Falconry Adventures

Falconry Adventures

Feel a Peregrine Falcon rocketing off your gauntlet, a Hawk landing on your gloved hand. Get to know our captivating birds of prey up close and personal. Any of these interactions, whether face-to-face or online, promises to be an experience that you will never forget.

Red Carpet Events: Falcon with Comedian Fluffy

Red Carpet Events

Super-star athletes, Rock-stars, Hollywood celebrities – we have worked with them all, for fundraisers, special events, television commercials and more.

Have Issues with Pest Birds?

We have the skills, expertise and the proper customer focus to develop the perfect solution for your unique situation.