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Adventures in Learning are an entirely new level of AWESOME!

A combination of videos, and real-time online interaction with our master falconer and our birds of prey, creates a visually stunning dynamic and a level of interaction that excites, educates and inspires kids of all ages!

Falconry Adventures

Hawk Walk

Falconry Adventures

Hunting with Hawk & Hound

Falconry Adventures

Free Flying Raptors

Adventures in Learning, Falconry Adventures

Behind the Scenes (Virtual)

Adventures in Learning, Falconry Adventures

Behind the Scenes (In Person)

Customer Testimonial

  • Morningside Elementary

    Our kids loved the birds, it was an AMAZING educational experience, wonderful memories!


    California Falconry’s education program is incorporated into our District 9’s curriculum, and that is the highest praise we can give. The children get an experience that enlightens, educates and excites, a gift that will last for decades.

  • School District in Southern California

    Thank you for the amazing class! Our kids loved it. They learned so much about birds of prey and can't wait to see you again. We have a few parents calling and asking about your extra curricular outdoor Adventures. Please send info and come back soon!
    - Teacher

Looking for excitement in learning?

K through college, we invite you to experience a glorious and fascinating world of raptors with us, learning has never been this much fun.