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Harris's Hawks in Desert

An Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

Discover the ancient art of falconry in the deserts of Coachella Valley.

Watch our hawks and dogs hunting together/in tandem/as a team, and gain a fascinating glimpse into the predator-prey relationship.


If you wish to have a custom Gauntlet to use during the hunt and keep after your adventure, let us know and we will have your custom glove ready for an additional fee.

1) Breakfast & Introductions

We will meet up before dawn, for a quick bite, coffee, and introductions with the humans, an equipment check, and pick up your California Falconry shirt(s) and hat(s).

Then meet the team of hawks, and dogs, we will layout our travel route, load up our 4×4’s or you can take your own, and we head out to the field!

2) Meeting the Crew

We will meet up in Coachella Valley before DAWN, this location varies based on where we will be flying and what we will be chasing. You can use the restroom, (it will be your last chance for indoor plumbing for the next 4 hours), grab a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat,

3) Wire the Birds

Upon arriving in the field, we will hook a 434 MHz transmitter on the hawks, put the e-collar on the dog, and lay out the plan for how humans, hawks, and hounds will be hunting together, we then loose the Hawk and dog and the adventure begins!

4) Wear a gauntlet in the field?

If you wish a gauntlet will be provided, and we will you how to become a hunting partner with the hawk.  He will use your outstretched gauntlet as a hunting perch, flying to it and from it.

5) The Hunt begins

We can do as little or as much walking in the desert as you are comfortable with.

It will take on a life of its own; where the quarry is, how it is moving, how the dogs is working the field, where the Hawk is positioned when the quarry is flushed from cover, how the chase unfolds… it is a dynamic, thrilling spectacle of nature. 

6) Breaks with snacks & water will be provided

Whenever the Hawks, or Dogs, or humans need a rest break, we will take one, snacks and water will be provided to all, let us know if you have ANY dietary considerations.

Conversations during our break(s) usually start off with, “Did you see when the Hawk did…” followed by massive grins.

It is a great time to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the events unfolding before your eyes.

7) The hunt continues

At this point, you will have a feel for how you, the hawk, the canine, and the quarry interact with one another. As we reengage in the pursuit, you will find yourself looking at nature from a new and fascinating perspective Most all the quarry, if not all, will escape, for it is nature’s way, you get a rare and precious insight into it

8) Dinner & Reflections

We will spend at most 3 hours in the field pursuing game, after the last slip, we meet back at the 4×4’s, share more stories of the day, load everyone up and caravan back to our starting point, where we can wash up, enjoy a good meal, look over all the photos and chose which one you like the best, load up a flash drive of your favorite pics, say a fond farewell to your new feathered and furred friend and drive home with the memories of a lifetime.

9) Photo Follow-up

We will take the best photos from the day, Photoshop them, put them in a slide show, and make them available for you to download at your convenience or snail mail you a flash drive.

Program Detail

SessionVaries based on hunting seasons
Duration5 Hours
Participants1 to 2 persons

Customer Testminial

  • Morningside Elementary

    Our kids loved the birds, it was an AMAZING educational experience, wonderful memories!


    California Falconry’s education program is incorporated into our District 9’s curriculum, and that is the highest praise we can give. The children get an experience that enlightens, educates and excites, a gift that will last for decades.

  • School District in Southern California

    Thank you for the amazing class! Our kids loved it. They learned so much about birds of prey and can't wait to see you again. We have a few parents calling and asking about your extra curricular outdoor Adventures. Please send info and come back soon!
    - Teacher

Looking for excitement in learning?

K through college, we invite you to experience a glorious and fascinating world of raptors with us, learning has never been this much fun.