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Red Naped Shaheen Falcon with Fireworks
Entertainment Industry

Fund Raisers & Galas

Looking for something, “special” to WOW & entertain your guests? Our falcons & falconers will knock their socks off!

Harris's Hawk landing on FLEX tool
Entertainment Industry


Need a professional bird wrangler, whose bird will hit his mark on their queue? We have the bird & wrangler for you.

Harris's Hawk Market Campaign Bilboard
Entertainment Industry


Our birds are laser-guided, which means they will hit their mark every time, bringing a new level of professionalism & efficiency to the set.

Customer Testimonial

  • FLEX Tools Ad Campaign

    The shoot was scheduled for 3 hours, Ken’s Hawk nailed every gig in 18 minutes! Exceptional professionalism and a ton of fun!!

  • Huberman Events

    We brought them in for simple meet and greet and were amazed at the overwhelming positive response!

  • LAFC Foundation

    Ken brings something amazing to our nonprofit program: excitement to learning, an experience of a lifetime for the kids and an unbridled enthusiasm and love for his work, which is extremely contagious.

  • Los Angeles Football Club

    California Falconry’s pregame ritual of free flying falcons is unequalled in the world of professional sports! They bring an excitement and joy, that have caught fire in our club.

  • La Beta Films

    We got every shot scripted, in less time than budgeted, simply the best professional falconer we have ever worked with!

Need to Impress?

How about a Peregrine falcon at your cocktail party, or maybe a Hawk diving down with breath taking speed to land on your logo, or maybe a 180 MPH falcon making your gala guests gasp in awe…