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Flock of Pigeon Pest Birds


An invasive species, their poo is hazardous due to its atypically high parasite content and they are also displacing indigenous species

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Grackle


A new West Coast problem and a master at stealing food from outside dining areas

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Black Birds on Table

Black Bird

Always an unwelcome diner

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Ravens 4


Their population has increased 1,500 % in the last decade, due to taking advantage of humans, pushing some other species towards the brink of extinction!

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Sparrows


Like pigeons, English sparrows are an invasive species that displace indigenous birds

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Gulls


Who hasn’t had a chip stolen by a gull or worn some of their poo on tier shoe? Eating human food is VERY unhealthy for them

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Heron


Great fisherman, but their droppings ruin car finishes and etch concrete, people love these beautiful birds to death, but a diet of white bread, (what most people feed them) is a far cry from fresh fish

Bird Abatement - Nuisance Water Foul Ducks and Coots

Coot, Ducks

Great to see at a park, in reasonable numbers, but feeding them white bread is malnutrition for these guys, and walking on their poo just ain’t cool

Bird Abatement - Pest Bird Geese


They weigh at 20 lbs and leave about 10% of their body mass on walkways, lawns, putting greens and…

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