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Falconry Bird Abatement

Laser Guided Harris’s Hawks

This approach is revolutionary and brings a level of effectiveness and precision never seen before in the world of professional falconry.

Falconry Bird Abatement

Free Flying Falcons

A pest bird seeing a falcon tearing up the sky is analogous to you swimming in the ocean and seeing a Great White Shark

Falconry Bird Abatement

Canines / Dogs

These team members are the ground game of our pest bird removal strategy.

Bird Abatement Technology


Drones are used to survey large areas, quickly and more efficiently than driving around with a pair of binoculars.

Bird Abatement Technology

RC Boats

When used in conjunction with a predator such as a dog, hawk and/or falcon, heightens the visceral, “flight response” and extends our range of effectiveness deep into lakes and ponds.

Bird Abatement Technology

Environmental Augmentation

We can help you modify your facility to drastically reduce the pest birds for the long term.

Bird Abatement Technology


Blocking and Netting, Gels, barriers, motion activated deterrents and virtually every effective, harmless deterrent known to man, are included in our bird abatement arsenal.

Bird Abatement Technology


We have dozens of different types available to protect your crop, property and/or health.

Combined Arms: Pest Birds Be Gone!

At California Falconry we use every tool at our disposal to create a cost-effective and holistic approach to removing pest birds from any given area. There is no “Silver Bullet” solution; while free flying falcons and hawks are the best single approach, the addition of drones, other radio-controlled devices and distress calls, significantly enhances the raptor’s presence as an apex predator. The RC technologies alone won’t elicit the flight response needed to have a lasting effect, but fear of predatory animals, which is ingrained into the DNA of most birds, is an extremely effective abatement tool.

A free flying falcon covers a large area, putting the reality of a predator foremost in the minds of the unwanted birds. If the free flying falcons were a machete then the laser-guided hawks are the scalpel. With pinpoint accuracy, the hawk can be directed to land next to the desired target without disturbing other wildlife. The raptors are our air force and the canines are the infantry of our predator army; they have the land attack. It is easy to forget that dogs are predators, but they play a vital role in making the ground and water an unsafe place for the pest birds to remain for any length of time. It is this combined approach that sets California Falconry apart.

Customer Testimonial

  • Public Works

    Our duck infestation is now just a memory, the civic center guests couldn’t be happier with the results and California Falconry’s staff.

  • Palmilla HOA

    A pleasure to work with, a joy to watch work, always willing to share his falcons and hawks with our owners and their children and BTW resolved our geese problem.

  • Rancho Mirage Country Club

    Geese, Ducks and Coots took away from our gorgeous private golf course, Ken’s Free Flying Falcons not only fixed our waterfowl problem, but made for a beautiful spectacle to witness.

  • Sheraton Crescent

    For years we hired company after company to get rid of our pigeon problem, but we experienced unsatisfactory results with every company, and then we hired California Falconry and we have NO PIGEONS, none, zip, zero and this is the first time I could say that in my 18 years of working here.

  • Balboa Bay Club

    We had a Gull and Duck problem, then California Falconry were hired and the problem is gone, completely gone and our members love em!

  • USMC Marine Base

    Under strict guidelines, with limited access to the area California Falconry exceeded our expectations, went above and beyond to help with environmental augmentations, resulting in a drastic reduction of pest birds in a highly sensitive area.

  • Beckman Construction

    In 8 days California Falconry accomplished what other, “professionals” could not, remove every single pigeon from our construction site, great to work with and results were exactly as Ken described.

  • Huberman Events

    We brought them in for simple meet and greet and were amazed at the overwhelming positive response!

  • Ladera Ranch

    California Falconry did an exceptional job, far exceeding all of our expectations, Ken is an excellent communicator, great to work with, he walked us through this unique process and delivered on everything he promised, plus more! When does that happen in business today?

  • White Star Property Management

    200 geese were abated, over 1,800 homeowners were all pleased in HOW it was accomplished and indirect labor cost for cleaning goose droppings were eliminated, we LOVE;

  • Southern California Regional Rail

    A 20 year pigeon problem was resolved in less than 10 working days!!! Exceptional results.

  • Zoo

    The Raven infestation was eliminated, and their ability to accomplish this without harming a single bird is unprecedented in our industry.

  • Hyatt

    Very easy to work with, outstanding results, they know the hospitality business and how to deliver exceptional guests experiences.

  • Marriotts

    The bird mitigation program was a NET SAVINGS, due to the reduction of birds, our guests reviews of the program are OFF THE CHART POSITIVE, and the professionalism of California Falconry’s team is top tier.

  • Large Resorts in Southern California

    Labor dollars are being saved because there are no problem birds to clean up after and the guest surveys tell us that A) our guests love the results, B) love how we obtained the results and C) the photo ops with the hawks make their stay better.
    - Director of Engineering

  • Large Nationwide Chain of Hotels

    Amazing results, the Black Birds were a significant problem for our guests, now the falconer is a significant guest enhancing experience.
    - Director of Food & Beverage

  • Tanimura & Antle Farms

    Crop losses due to Horned Larks in the winter months were fucking huge, 12 ga didn’t even work, but a team of hard-working falconers and their bad ass bird cut our losses equal to twice the amount we paid them. And coverage of 10,000 acres is NO SMALL FEAT!
    - Ranch Manager

  • Omni La Costa Resort

    We have hired other falconers to help us with the Grackle invasion, but NO ONE compares to the awesome results we got from California Falconry’s team, and our guests loved them.
    - Restaurant Manager

Got Pest Birds?

We have the skills, expertise and the proper customer focus to develop the perfect solution for your unique situation.