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California Falconry Falconer at School with Students


Get ready to be amazed by our laser-guided Hawks, regal Peregrine falcons, a bigger WOW factor in education has never been known, learning about these gorgeous creatures will make you say, “WOW” over, and over and…

Be it in your backyard, playground, auditorium,  corporate office, or your classroom, we will bring the raptors and you will be enlightened to the magnificence of these apex predators.


Curriculum and lesson plans that the students are currently working on can be integrated into our presentation/demonstration

1) Introduction to a Peregrine Falcon and a Harris’s Hawk

We start off with a Harris’s Hawk and a  Falcon on our gauntlets. As we explain each bird’s physiology, we focus on their similarities and differences, while doing this, we ask the students questions, in an effort to bring them into the discussion, so they can discover for themselves how these raptors similarities and differences affect their flight and benefit each species in their unique role in nature.

As the students become more involved in the lecture, our presenter will take the presentation in the direction that elicitates the most interest: the cooperative hunting of Harris’s Hawks, the 240 MPH dive of the Peregrine Falcons, and wide-angle to telephoto vision of falcons, tend to be the student’s favorite. Each group, each individual is unique, with differing background, exposure, and knowledge of raptors, and the environment, we embrace these differences and focus on growing their knowledge and most importantly make learning exciting and fun!

2) Free Flying Hawk!

The presenter explains to the students that we will be flying a hawk shortly, and at that point, you will be able to feel the excitement. Our Harris’s Hawks are laser-guided and fly on command. As he flyes over their heads, we explain why he flies the way he does, how he moves his wing/tail to control his flight, and we keep asking the students questions, keep bringing them into the discussion, making the experience their own discovery of knowledge.

3) Closing and Lesson review

In closing, we reiterate what we talked about, emphasize the WOW moments we shared, ensure all questions have been answered, and take a group photo so this amazing time can be better remembered and shared.

Program Detail

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Duration1 hour per class, up to 3 classes
Participants1 to 20 students per class
Cost$500.00, price does not include travel expenses

Customer Testminial

  • Morningside Elementary

    Our kids loved the birds, it was an AMAZING educational experience, wonderful memories!


    California Falconry’s education program is incorporated into our District 9’s curriculum, and that is the highest praise we can give. The children get an experience that enlightens, educates and excites, a gift that will last for decades.

  • School District in Southern California

    Thank you for the amazing class! Our kids loved it. They learned so much about birds of prey and can't wait to see you again. We have a few parents calling and asking about your extra curricular outdoor Adventures. Please send info and come back soon!
    - Teacher

Looking for excitement in learning?

K through college, we invite you to experience a glorious and fascinating world of raptors with us, learning has never been this much fun.