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This is a rare glimpse into the day-to-day life of our hawks, and falcons, their husbandry, training routines, living and sleeping quarters, and more – a world that until now, has been off-limits.

We end your experience with a free-flying hawk landing on your gauntlet, talk about an amazing selfie!.

For 1 to 6 persons.


In this adventure, you will learn what is involved in being a professional falconer from a three-generation professional falconry family. The daily husbandry, training, feeding, and pretty much anything you want to know about falconry.

Housing, Sleeping Quarters

We will show you where they sleep, special design considerations for these facilities, and we will review the evolution of their perches, purification system, and logic behind it all. Throughout the adventure, real-time interactions with the guests and presenters are highly encouraged, making for a more personal experience.

Housing, Weathering Area & Free Flight Chambers

As we tour our outside facilities, you and the presenter will discuss the details of our various weathering areas, and our free flight chambers, how we use, design, build, buy, and maintain them. And if you wish we can discuss the various types of Federal and State permits, and each one has its own set of housing guidelines.


This is an involved aspect of falconry and as a Master Falconer, and a Mechanical Engineer our founder has been deeply involved in the development, refining, and creation of many types of equipment. We can get into as much detail or high-level explanation as you wish, what equipment we use, how they work, design considerations for making, buying, and using will be explained. We will start off with the bird’s anklets, jesses, leashes, lure, creance, GPS vs Telemetry (291 vs 434 MHz) various types of perches, (Bow, Block, Screen, Car…) Carriers and stop wherever you desire.

Diet and Weight Management

This is the most critical aspect of maintaining a healthy, strong-flying, and happy bird. We start off with why we manage their weights, how we do it, the different variables that affect their weight, such as temperature, exercise, type of food, and the tools we use for this.

Learn to fly a HAWK!

We save the best for last, you will experience the thrill of a hawk landing on your gauntlet! You will learn how a falconer feels when they interact with these magnificent aerial predators. A slow-motion video of this experience will truly be one of the most amazing videos you will ever!!!

Program Detail

SessionSeptember 1 – May 1
Duration1 1/2 Hours
ScheduleCustom Dates Available

Customer Testminial

  • Morningside Elementary

    Our kids loved the birds, it was an AMAZING educational experience, wonderful memories!


    California Falconry’s education program is incorporated into our District 9’s curriculum, and that is the highest praise we can give. The children get an experience that enlightens, educates and excites, a gift that will last for decades.

  • School District in Southern California

    Thank you for the amazing class! Our kids loved it. They learned so much about birds of prey and can't wait to see you again. We have a few parents calling and asking about your extra curricular outdoor Adventures. Please send info and come back soon!
    - Teacher

Looking for excitement in learning?

K through college, we invite you to experience a glorious and fascinating world of raptors with us, learning has never been this much fun.