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Distance Learning / November 25, 2021

4 Types of Falconers

BY: Greg Trinidad

Welcome to California falconry, and today, I shall like to discuss the two major types of falconers on the planet.

The first group is the most common, real falconers.

Real falconers take their birds out, let them fly free, and let them do what nature intended them to do. Chase Quarry in fair flight.

The second group is professional falconers there are three categories in that one.

There are bird abatement falconers, there are education falconers, and there are people who work in the entertainment industry.

The greatest number of professional falconers do bird abatement. That means they fly hawks, falcons, and owls and simply discourage a high concentration of pest birds to find a new neighborhood.

The second one is educational falconers, where we at California Falconry get to go to schools and get to enlighten the young minds. Just show them that there are beautiful, gorgeous birds of prey and an ecosystem all around them every day. It is truly, for many, a life-changing experience. because the ecosystem is something we all need to be aware of and take care of, especially for the children.

The third type of professional falconer works in the entertainment industry. Our company’s work is through LAFC at the Stadium, loose a falcon choreographed to audio and music, and we start diving on the lure which happens to have the opponent’s logo on it. So in that arena, we literally get a hunt down the opponent’s logo.

The reason I want to explain the differences in falconers, the “real”, and “professional” falconer, is because we at California Falconry do all four types of falconry.

So in my next video when we review all the gear I need to load into my Jeep for work every day, for hawking and flying falcons for various reasons, it should all make more sense.

Thank you for watching.